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We perform trademark searches and trademark applications, usually on a flat fee basis of $1,000 per single class trademark.  This flat fee includes the required federal filing fee of $275 per class. If there are multiple classes of goods or services, our legal fee does not go up, we just add on at cost the additional federal filing fee required for each additional class.  Thus, for a two class application, our fee would be $1,275.00.  If the application is an intent to use application, we just add on the additional $100 intent to use filing fee at the time it is filed.  It is more work for us, but the flat fee stays the same.

Our services include a comprehensive legal analysis of the mark’s eligibility for trademark protection, a comprehensive search for conflicting trademarks on the Patent and Trademark Office’s database, and determination of the correct classification of the trademark after carefully consulting with the client about the client’s goods and services. This is lawyer work.  You don’t get that from the cheap do-it-yourself legal websites.   This cannot be done by a computer.

It is not that difficult to file an on-line trademark application and you can do that yourself on the Patent and Trademark Office’s website.  You don’t even need to pay some commercial website for that, all you have to do is pay the federal filing fee, which everyone has to pay no matter how you do it.  But if you don’t know trademark law, there’s a good chance you are doing it wrong.  If you are paying some do-it-yourself website, the chances are still good that you are doing it wrong even while paying extra for something that the government offers for free.

We don’t “zoom” through your trademark application.  We see you through the entire application process and our flat fee includes advice on how to use, protect and maintain your trademark.

The flat fee does not include contests over the eligibility of a mark or oppositions from other trademark holders.  We try to resolve those within the flat fee structure if feasible, but those kinds of disputes can sometimes turn into full blown legal battles, which is why we can’t promise the flat fee will cover them.  However, if these kinds of problems do arise, the flat fee does include advice on how to respond to these problems.

If your trademark is valuable, do it right.  Don’t trust it to a robotic website and don’t try to do it yourself.  Hire a lawyer with trademark application experience, litigation experience, and who stands behind his work.