Consumer Law

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We stand up for consumers who have been the victim of deceptive trade practices or fraud. Consumers can include local businesses.

We understand that most individuals who have been injured or victimized may not be familiar with the legal system, and may be suffering significant emotional and financial consequences as a result of their injuries. It is our job to assist you at every stage of the case and keep you fully informed, while working towards obtaining the best possible result.

In order to give our individual clients the attention they deserve, we take consumer cases only when we have determined the case has merit after a careful interview and investigation. If we take your case, it is because we believe in you and are prepared to focus on your representation.

Depending upon the facts of your case, we may agree to represent you on a contingency fee basis, which means our legal fee is collected from a percentage of the recovery we obtain on your behalf. Under this arrangement, if we do not obtain a recovery for you, you do not pay any attorney fees, and are responsible only for court costs incurred on your behalf.  If a contingency fee is not appropriate, we may agree to represent you on an hourly fee basis or a blended fee. In blended fee cases, you initially pay a certain amount, and any legal fees in excess of that amount will be taken only as a percentage of the recovery we obtain on your behalf.

In the past, Andy Simmons primarily defended large corporations against lawsuits brought by individuals and consumers.  He know draws upon that experience in representing ordinary people when they go up against the large corporations.