Practice Areas

Andy Simmons, P.C. Experienced litigator and general counsel for your small business.Experience matters

I have 20 years of experience including commercial litigation, business law, trademarks, real estate, and assisting clients fighting abusive debt collectors.

I’ve tailored my legal practice to the needs of my small business, entrepreneurial and consumer clients, needs which often vary from day to day. My practice is broad enough to handle the varied legal needs of business clients.

Practice Areas

Business Law Related Practice Areas For Business

My small businesses and entrepreneurial clients need someone who gets what they’re doing, someone they are on a first name basis with, someone they can call and get through to when they have a problem or a question.

Consumer Law Related Areas of PracticeFor Consumers

We stand up for consumers who have been the victim of deceptive trade practices or fraud. Consumers can include small businesses.