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We offer a full range of legal services for entrepreneurs and start up companies.

  1. legal advice on the choice of entity (corp., LLC, partnership, etc.)
  2. corporate name availability search
  3. federal trademark eligibility analysis and search
  4. preparation of articles, bylaws and similar documents
  5. filing with the Secretary of State
  6. preparation of necessary IRS filings for start up
  7. corporate governance and management
  8. securities law exemptions

We can also help you maintain your entity with the ongoing annual paperwork, such as resolutions, board meetings, stock and share transfers, etc.

If you just want to incorporate for dirt cheap, you can get the basic certificate of formation for free on the Texas Secretary of State’s website.  Fill it out, file it with the Secretary of State, pay the filing fee and you’re incorporated.  Except there is more to it and you’ve already done it wrong, in my opinion.  That basic form only meets minimum requirements.  It does not afford you the fullest range of legal protection.  Or you can hire some non-lawyer website that will charge you for that same free form, and still you’ve probably done it wrong. Can you believe they charge you money for you to fill out a form that the government gives for free?  Well, that’s what you get for buying non-legal services from a company that uses famous lawyers to advertise their non-lawyer service on TV.  They say they’re not a law firm, as if they are proud of it, while they sell you legal forms.  They tell you their forms were prepared by experts, but you’ll never get to talk to that expert if you have a problem.

I don’t sell legal forms.  I sell legal advice, analysis, representation and service.

If you want it done right, there’s more to it than filing out a basic form.  There are a lot of legal considerations.  It may be fairly routine legal work most of the time – and so it should not cost a fortune – but it’s not simple and the law is changing all the time.  It is wise to hire a lawyer if you are doing something as important as setting up a legal entity.

For most clients, I charge a flat fee of $1,000 that covers the governmental filing fees, legal advice and preparation and filing of the necessary documents and creation of the company book.  I usually spend at least an hour with each new client in a face to face meeting, and additional time going over the paperwork.  While I can do this work quickly, I don’t rush you.  We take as much time as you need.  If you ever have a question about the incorporation work I did for you, I don’t charge you for that call.

You get what you pay for.  You can pay a robot website to “incorporate” you and you get very little for what little you paid.  You can pay a little more and get a lot if you hire a lawyer.

Frankly, setting up corporations on a low flat fee is not lucrative.  The reason I do it is to attract new business clients.  If I get you started on the right track, I hope you will succeed and call me again for your other business legal needs.